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What is a Twitter Ratio?

The Twitter Ratio is the numerical relationship between the number of followers you have and the number of people you are following. A higher ratio indicates more popular accounts. Ratio:HQ presents your ratio to you in multiple variations.

Twitter Analytics

Fully measure all your ratio statistics with Ratio:HQ by signing in with your Twitter account.

See who Unfollows You

Manage your Twitter Ratio by finding out when people unfollow you. Promptly be notified of unfollowers.

Ratio Statistics History

After logging in with your Twitter through Ratio:HQ all your historical ratio metrics will be displayed in clear graphical representations.

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Analyze Ratio Statistics:



Decimal Ratio

Day 0.128
Week 0.227
Month 0.583


Power Score

Day 2.3
Week 4.8
Month 10.1

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